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03/03/2011 20:12:53 UTC+01:00

Spammers have solved the captcha

It's been over four years since I have had any problems with spambots posting advertisements on this site. And this week it suddenly started: within a half an hour, I've had spammers commenting on about every page that's publicly visible.

Even though it's great that the captcha system I've been using lasted that long, I'm feeling a bit sad those good days are over. It looks like I'll have to search for a better way to get rid of these annoying comments all over my website.

For now, I've tweaked the code a bit, hoping that this would suffice to keep the door shut, but my guess is this will only be a temporary fix.

Also, I've been reading more on various captcha systems and about the effects on people trying to login to your site: you might not only keep spambots outside, but also legit people who are just trying to comment on your website. For example, visual captcha's might be a big problem for people with bad sight. Is it worth all the effort implementing a captcha system, knowing you'll discriminate people by denying access to the website?

Maybe there's another, easier way to keep the bots out? If so, by all means let me know by commenting below. Of course, you'll have to pass the captcha first...

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Comments: 3 (comment)

03/03/2011 23:43:03 UTC+01:00


So far the spam spree has halted. Let's try and keep it that way...

04/03/2011 12:55:40 UTC+01:00


It didn't last as long as I hoped: I already had to delete 5 spam messages today...

17/03/2011 18:29:36 UTC+01:00


I've made some changes to the comment module: posting links is no longer allowed when not logged into the website.

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