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21/11/2013 02:28:57 UTC+01:00

Big authentication update

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I've always been a big fan of the idea behind OpenID. This was one of the things I just had to implement into my CMS, as I really thought this type of authentication would become the standard way of logging into websites, forums, webshops, ...

Since its release, a lot of things have changed though. A lot of big players like Facebook, Microsoft & Twitter started implementing OAuth for providing 3rd-party apps access to their services. OpenID was left behind, as it was only ever meant for verifying one's identity.

OpenID is still used on a lot of websites though, with Stack Overflow being one of the big examples that managed to implement an OpenID login system that is easy to use. There are still some mayor providers as well, so you might already own an account without even knowing it.

As OAuth gained territory, I couldn't stay behind. So I managed to update my login system, making it possible to use a combination of the following options:

  • Standard site login
  • OpenID login
  • OAuth login (currently Facebook, Microsoft Live and Twitter... more will follow)

Once logged in, you can simply add extra logins and link them all to the same account. This might be useful when one of the providers decides to stop their service.

I tried to make the logging in process as easy as possible. Check out the screenshot, or, if you're feeling adventurous, just try it out for yourself by using the "provider login" button at the top of the website!


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