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01/12/2013 02:43:36 UTC+01:00

Foundation framework

I always try to code as much as possible by myself, but sometimes it's best to leave it up to the professionals. The Foundation framework is a great example for this.

This project tries to help developing front-end code faster (and better?), without having to worry about browser-specific details. It also supports responsive design, which is really interesting now that more and more people are using their tablets or even phones to browse the internet.

Right now I'm in the process of implementing this framework into the CMS, and I must say it's been fun getting familiar with it. That also means I'm leaving XHTML1.1 behind. This is not really an issue as most of the HTML code I was using, is already HTML5 compliant.

Please drop a comment when you stumble upon any strange quirks.

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01/12/2013 02:47:04 UTC+01:00


Almost forgot to mention: I also updated to the latest CKEditor version. Implementing a web text editor has never been easier!

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