The newspage

26/09/2006 21:45:14 UTC+02:00

I want to paint it black

Got a little bored of the previous design, so I made a new one on my way home.
It uses the Nifty-method described in my previous post, which is really easy to use.

I'm using float for the menu, I hope I won't regret this...

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26/09/2006 22:21:27 UTC+02:00

Internet Explorer is annoying, as always
For some reason the vertical line that separates the content from the menu, doesn't touch the footer, as it does in Firefox...

I'm hoping IE7 will be a bit better.

06/10/2006 23:01:06 UTC+02:00

I made the vertical line a part of the background itself, so the bug I mentioned is fixed now.
This means I'm only using Nifty for the navigation...

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