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27/01/2007 19:21:16 UTC+01:00

Xgl with beryl and kiba-dock

I finally managed to install beryl on my desktop. Now that I have all this eyecandy, I decided to install kiba-dock too

Of course, none of this is really useful, but I just happen to like a nice environment...

Some links I used:

Windows Vista fades to nothing next to Ubuntu!

25/01/2007 12:06:15 UTC+01:00

Favicon added

a bigger version of my faviconThis is something I always forget: adding a favicon to the website.

I'm not sure if it will help SEO,but it definately won't be bad. You can see a bigger size of the favicon on the left. As you might have already guessed, this is me in my most lazy way...

11/01/2007 12:59:17 UTC+01:00


DreamLinuxWhile I'm still in the process of downloading and burning the Sabayon DVD (see my previous post), I decided to check out something else too: DreamLinux. It is Debian-based, so I should feel a bit more comfortable with it.

Version 2.2 (Multimedia Edition) has recently been released, and a lot of people are quite hyped about this one. It is preinstalled with a lot of applications and codecs, for easy installation and usage (hey, I'm not the only one overusing the word "easy"!)

Their LiveCD could be useful for converting all those pagan Windows users...

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