The newspage

18/11/2006 17:55:16 UTC+01:00

iezy on edgy

I've just installed a webserver (Apache2, PHP5, mySQL 5.0) on my laptop, so that I'm able to work on iezy while I'm in my Edgy Eft installation.
I'm really glad that everything works as it should... I was a bit afraid that iezy wouldn't work on PHP5 anymore.

13/11/2006 21:14:50 UTC+01:00

The C-Side

A belgian SeagullI just got back from a 6 day during holiday at Nieuwpoort, Belgium (at the sea, near the French border). For those who don't know the place, maybe you've heard of the Yser, which flows through Nieuwpoort & has become famous because of the First World War.

As always, I took some pictures, this time with my new digicam (the Ixus 800 IS). So you can expect some, later on this week...

13/11/2006 21:01:03 UTC+01:00

I don't love andrus

I didn't know Italians could be such a pain in the *ss!
They've been spamming this website (and probably a lot of other sites) with links to a bogus wiki: italy top travels dot info. After a second, you're already redirected to a bogus search site.

Now that these spammers have found this website, I have to protect the comment system against them...

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