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13/11/2006 21:14:50 UTC+01:00

The C-Side

A belgian SeagullI just got back from a 6 day during holiday at Nieuwpoort, Belgium (at the sea, near the French border). For those who don't know the place, maybe you've heard of the Yser, which flows through Nieuwpoort & has become famous because of the First World War.

As always, I took some pictures, this time with my new digicam (the Ixus 800 IS). So you can expect some, later on this week...

13/11/2006 21:01:03 UTC+01:00

I don't love andrus

I didn't know Italians could be such a pain in the *ss!
They've been spamming this website (and probably a lot of other sites) with links to a bogus wiki: italy top travels dot info. After a second, you're already redirected to a bogus search site.

Now that these spammers have found this website, I have to protect the comment system against them...

17/10/2006 13:27:14 UTC+02:00

Geeks spotted at the facts-convention

As always, there a lot of people who were dressed up as their favourite anime/fantasy character at the facts-convention.
Maybe the entrance fee reduction had something to do with it...

I took some pictures with my brand new Ixus 800, but didn't have the time to upload them here.
They will be added later this week.

edit: click here for the picture album!

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