The newspage

26/09/2006 21:45:14 UTC+02:00

I want to paint it black

Got a little bored of the previous design, so I made a new one on my way home.
It uses the Nifty-method described in my previous post, which is really easy to use.

I'm using float for the menu, I hope I won't regret this...

17/08/2006 13:12:11 UTC+02:00

New - nifty - layout

The other day, I stumbled upon something nifty. With the help of a javascript file and some css, it became possible to add rounded corners to the site layout.

Right now I'm using an altered version of one of the examples given on the Nifty Corners Cube website, for testing purposes.
After a while, this will be replaced by a more original design.

27/07/2006 14:47:14 UTC+02:00

LAN party

This weekend, I won't be coding on project iezy, as we're organizing a LAN party at home. About 20 people will be there, divided onto 15 PCs.

I will surely take pictures, and post some of them here..

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