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27/07/2006 14:47:14 UTC+02:00

LAN party

This weekend, I won't be coding on project iezy, as we're organizing a LAN party at home. About 20 people will be there, divided onto 15 PCs.

I will surely take pictures, and post some of them here..

14/07/2006 19:33:34 UTC+02:00

I'm Growing...

It seems Google has updated their data, as I've moved up in pagerank: in only a few days of being online, I received pagerank 1 (one).

Not that much, but it's a start :)

09/07/2006 20:44:33 UTC+02:00

Official opening

This is the "official opening" of the website
Even though it has been online for a while, I was just using it for testing purposes.

But from now on, I'm going to try and add some useful information while I'm working on the system.

IEZY is a PHP and mySQL based object oriented content management system.
Copyright: Ben Van Aerde. (Stealing is baaad, mkay?)

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