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26/04/2010 19:41:29 UTC+02:00

Violent games make children smarter

  • The German Angry Kid

Every time somebody gets killed by a juvenile, people are interested if he/she plays violent games. Somehow they try to connect those agressive games with agressive behaviour, and thus proving that the games are the reason people would want to harm others.

Completely absurd to me, but still those claims make it to the news, and some governments even try to remove these violent games from the shelves. Please, try to look at it the other way: it might really be possible that violent people also have an interest in violent games. But that does not mean you can just just turn that statement around, and say that everybody who plays violent game will end up killing people?

I've been playing all sorts of games since my youth, yet I...

  • haven't killed anybody in my life.
  • never even started a fight.
  • don't feel the need to hurt small animals (I even put spiders outside, by hand).
  • don't own a gun.

At the age of 27, I still enjoy a good game of deathmatch, regardless if it's a realistic, futuristic or fantasy game.

Positive killing

Sometimes, there's good news on gaming. I read today in a Dutch newspaper that playing games makes people smarter. Typically violent games stimulate the child's reflexes, eye-hand coordination and the ability to multitask.

Even for adults, gaming is positive, as it will help them with all their stress situations. It would even be good to make games available in senior homes, as it would keep the elderly mind fresh!

Practice makes perfect

Oh well, it all comes down to this: if you like to play (violent) games, no problem. If you don't like it, let others enjoy it. But please find something better to do than blaming the games, instead of blaming the person.

Frag out.

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