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01/06/2007 13:03:32 UTC+02:00

Got my money back... after 2 months

NMBS logoTwo months ago, I had to pay a fine for jumping on the train, right before the train started to move. I was not aware of this, as the train door was still open and I didn't hear a warning sound of the doors that were about to close.

In fact, I only noticed this because of the angry conductor in front of me :-)
So I had the choice: instantly pay € 12,50 in cash, or € 60 afterwards...

I'm a nice guy, so I decided to go for the first option. But... I sent a complaint to the NMBS to prove my "innocence".

After two months of waiting, I finally received a response: The conductor was just doing her job, but they understand my opinion and decided to pay back the fine.

Woohoo, there is still justice in this world!

18/05/2007 12:11:08 UTC+02:00

Karate pictures from the past

I'm hosting a collection of pictures on my other website, but due to security restrictions, the albums are not showing well. So I'm moving these pictures elsewhere.

Right now I've only moved the karate pictures to Picasa... lots of space there :)
The rest will follow, somewhere in the future. Maybe when I've created a decent web album of my own...

14/05/2007 13:41:34 UTC+02:00


I like it when people place a comment on my website. I love it even more when they leave a link to their own website...
When looking at Stijn's website, I just stumbled onto a web service called Technorati. As I already knew the name, it probably isn't something new... but at least it's new to me :)

In short, Technorati is a weblog monitor. That means it monitors... weblogs.
Enough reasons to check it out.

In order to "claim this website", I need to post a link, so here goes:
Technorati Profile

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